Sabtu, 08 Oktober 2016

Herborn- Cuteness overload in this little German Village

The town square looks like a scene from Disney's "Beauty & the Beast".
Okay, okay, I know that town was supposed to be in France, and this town of Herborn is in Germany.  I love, love, love it here; there is something so charming and delightful about this place.
However, I've noticed over the years that very, very few people have heard of this little town about an hour north of Frankfurt. So weird, as around every turn, this place is C-U-T-E!

A couple restaurants line this square, and we ate outside at a very yummy Italian restaurant.  While none of us spoke German, one of my co-workers spoke Italian which made ordering a breeze.

I'd been here before on business about two years ago, however, the weather was a bit more grey and rainy last time, and lucky me, this September trip felt like summer to me!

What I like so much in Herborn, besides the darling tudor houses in amazing colors like red, orange, black and brown, is the fantastic thin slate shingles that line the tops of some of the houses. So neat, orderly and sturdy- like those Germans themselves! LOL, I hope they don't mind me saying that. 

All the little roads (more like lanes) meander through the town, eventually all leading to the Marktplaz (above).  All these roads have great flat cobblestones that look clean and lie flat, very much the easiest cobbles I have ever walked on.

Just a random caste tower spire peeking over the roof tops.  These cuteness overload moments were everywhere, I tell you!
Here's the main street running just off the main square with the fountain.  It reminds me of York, England with all the tall Tudor houses leaning in over a narrow lane.

Little businesses were tucked into the shops along the street, with apartments and condos above.

Hotel Schule is a very small place near the center of town with a limited number of rooms surrounding a courtyard and a darling and delicious restaurant too.

Pretty much the best Weiner Schnitzel I've ever had.

A random blue mail box in the main square area.

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