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Truffle Popcorn

One of the yummiest things to eat while you are watching a movie, sports, or one of your favorite shows.  Since combining truffle oil and truffle salt with our melted butter on stove popped popcorn, we have never been back.  This is now our favorite (only!) way to enjoy popcorn.

However, you DO need to invest in some expensive stuff:
$20.00 Truffle Salt (which will last a LONG time), Amazon link here
$13.00 Truffle oil, Amazon link here

Also, I have found truffle oil at "Home Goods" and TJMaxx for half the price, so if you go to those places, run through and have a look.  Never hurts to save a little cash.

NOTE- If you really wanted, you could add some finely grated fresh Parmesan cheese, which is also quite delightful. 

Makes about 10-12 cups

1-2 Tbsp olive oil
1/3 cup popcorn kernels
1 tsp Truffle oil
1/4 cup butter
Truffle salt, to taste 

In a medium dutch oven, with a lid, over medium high heat, add the oil.  Let it heat for about 1 minutes and toss in the popcorn kernels.  Add the lid and while holding the lid in place with pot holders, shake, shake the pan over the heat.  Let sit for about 30-60 more seconds.  Shake, shake, shake again.  Let it sit for 30-6- more seconds.  By now, you may have heard a pop, or two.  Keep up the routine of shaking and letting sit for 30 seconds.  When the popcorn is starting to slow way down, pull it off the heat and add to a big bowl (or two if you prefer not to share...)  Turn off the heat. While the pan is still hot, throw in the butter and melt, adding about one teaspoon of truffle oil. Swirl to combine and drizzle all over the popped popcorn.  Toss with a sprinkle, or two, of truffle salt and enjoy at once.

Truffle oil and truffle salt will come in handy for lots of things like some of my other posts.  
In case you need some ideas, here you go:
  • Arugula Salad- Use both with a little olive oil, and a squeeze of lemon, truffle salt & pepper
  • Polenta with truffle oil and arugula 
  • The biggest thing I use truffle oil for?  Popcorn...

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