Kamis, 15 Oktober 2015

Brie & Fig Jam Panini

I know this isn't a recipe.
Not really.
It's more of a sandwich suggestion.
I mean really, this is three ingredients and a smear of butter.
I ate it for breakfast.
I felt decadent, and happy, no one to please but me.

The first time I ever had cheese and jam was about 35 years ago in the UK when staying with a Dutch family.  I thought it was the strangest combination, until I ate it.
It tastes amazing... I think this panini would be equally yummy with Dubliner (Extra Sharp white cheese) with some apricot or strawberry jam. Use your imagination.  It's all good.

Serves 1

Sliced sourdough bread
Some slices of brie, but about 1/4 inch think
Some fig butter (Trader Joes)
A bit of butter

Layer it up like below (butter is on the outside of the sandwich!)
Using a panini maker, or a frying pan on medium low heat, cook slowly until the outside is crispy and the cheese is soft and oozy.

I used an extra large slice of sourbough "boule" bread, cut in half.
I recommend fig butter as it's not as sweet as Jam, but I had to do some deep soul searching in the kitchen when deciding between TJ's Fig Jam and my own Drunken Fig Jam

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